What are Small Cells?

The term small cell is an umbrella term for a wide variety of compact base stations.

  • Small cells are low-powered nodes that operate in a relatively small area

  • Small cells help supplement macro networks, providing indoor and outdoor coverage and capacity

  • By enhancing the macro network coverage with small cells, operators can support more users per square mile

Municipalities and Small Cells

Municipalities own locations and infrastructure ideal and critical to small cell development. Small cells offer a solution for coverage and capacity in residential areas that have been challenging to cover with macro sites.

Effects of Small Cells on Municipalities

Municipalities at the forefront of small cell development are more attractive targets for business growth and expansion. Effective and efficient utilization of municipal assets results in an additional revenue source to the municipality without expending valuable resources.

Having an established development plan for small cells increases “speed to market” which is attractive to wireless service providers deciding where to invest in their networks.

Alex Novak

Small Cells Manager

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